First off let it be known I did "not" contract with this company nor did I send them any money. The experience I had just getting through the consultation phase was enough to send me running and flag this company as a "high probability" of a scam.

A lot of RED FLAGS developed and I will allow you to make your decisions based on the Red Flags with my experience. If I can help one person avoid being scammed its worth my time. There are a lot of warnings out there about companies that claim to be tax resolution companies but end up ripping people off. This company has some complaints listed on the Internet that they take the money and never do anything they say.

Other complaints are that it’s hard to contact anyone at this company once they have your money and when you do you are treated rudely. That is what occurred to me. During the consultation with **** ****** he kept bringing up warnings I should look for with other companies, telling me I had to be very careful and check it out. To me this raised warning flags along with the hair on the back of my neck.

I repeatedly asked **** to STOP using this technique and ONLY speak to me about what his company can do for my situation. **** would constantly revert to this same method (throwing a smoke screen) and I would have to ask him to stop. When someone is always telling me to be careful of their competitors I have to wonder what they are hiding themselves. Although a bit skeptical I decided to use this company and get started on the paperwork to hire them.

**** sent me the forms required to contract and other forms to allow them to contact the IRS HOWEVER in the middle of all this was a form for me to fill out my credit card information and to sign it giving them authorization to withdraw funds on my credit card. WOW!!!!!!!!! This was never discussed with me and who in their right mind is going to give credit card information and authorization to a stranger to use????? I told **** there would be no way I was giving my credit card information and I would send checks for the three payments as we agreed.

I let him know that if he expected to do business with me he needed to develop the trust and accept my checks as payment. He started to make excuses of well it takes time for checks to clear etc etc etc. In the majority of cases checks clear in one or two days anymore, so this sounded hogwash to me. I emails **** telling him I would consider doing business with his company but they would not get my banking information that I would send checks for the payment plan we agreed upon.

I also asked for his response on two scathing reviews discovered on the internet and that I was waiting on a response back from the Secretary of State on the legitimacy and or complaints about Instant Tax Solutions. At this point they declined to work with me. As you can see from experience there are a lot of Red Flags and although they loved telling me to check out the legitimacy of other companies that offered the same services they do, they ran when I checked out their company.

I'm providing this complaint so that anyone considering the use of Instant Tax Solutions to proceed with caution and when too many Red Flags popup be very very careful. Please DON’T GIVE YOUR BANK INFORMATION TO ANYONE----- along with ***AUTHORIZATION**** for them to make withdraws from it like this company requested

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Hayti, Missouri, United States #848623

"Owner" reply? Really?

Is that how legitimate "owners" respond?

Look at all the misspellings and grammar mistakes!! I would definitely steer clear of these people!

Rochester, New York, United States #705137

We have an E-Mail from this guy wanting to hire are firm. Because he didn't have a credit card to proses we told him we would file his Power of Attorney and wait to move on his case till the funds cleared. The funny thing is were pretty sure its a fraud consultation.

Internet Libel is being pursued by ITS

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